Glasses-free 3D AD Player

NEWTOP  glasses-free 3D AD player ofers better vision with various size of the panel. With built-in operation platform and system, it allows plug and play, moreover, the ready to be used content updating and scheduling system make itself an ideal equipment for commerical message delievery.

Glasses-free 3D Smart Display

NEWTOP glasses-free 3D  display is an well designed smart display terminal. It attracts attention much stronger with outstanding 3D effects. That makes itself appropriate for public spaces to deliver commercial or informative message.

Glasses-free 3D Signage Video Wall

Glasses-free 3D signage video wall, unlike traditional 2D video wall, size is no longer the only thing that matters. NEWTOP glasses-free 3D unveil a revolutionary approach for signage business. As the new factor, glasses-free 3D brings possibilities for retail and corporate signage. Furthermore, NEWTOP creatively developed RealityPlayer Master Version which provides a
new option for video wall unit connection.

Glasses-free 3D LED Display

Relying on the barrier filter technology, our glasses-free 3D LED display ofers 3 times better 3D efects than normal 3D display. Cross talk less than 20%, almost zero morie effect. It applies to diverse business scenarios such as merchandise advertising, cinema movie trailers, real estate demonstration, tourism introduction and others.

RealityPlay 2.0 Suite

NEWTOP RealityPlay 2.0 suite is developed by NEWTOP's Swiss team. The suite includes 4 diferent players, Standard version, Master version, Devel version and Android version. and supporting all the major glasses-free 3D content formats, for example multi-tile, multistream and 2D+Z. More over the Master version and Devel version are developed to support video wall or auto-matically 2D to 3D conversion. Generally, the suite is very well developed for all 3D content playback request to help customers accelerate time-to-market.

Content Services

NEWTOP provides content services including content creation and 2D to 3D conversion.