Glasses-free 3D Signage Video Wall

Glasses-free 3D signage video wall, unlike traditional 2D video wall, size is no longer the only thing that matters. NEWTOP glasses-free 3D unveil a revolutionary approach for signage business. As the new factor, glasses-free 3D brings possibilities for retail and corporate signage. Furthermore, NEWTOP creatively developed RealityPlayer Master Version which provides a new option for video wall unit connection.

Product Highlights

Super narrow bezel

Raster correction technology, better 3D effects.

Edge fusion technology aims to eliminate anamorphosis, image tear

Software based video wall splicer, no need hardware.

Software based video wall layout configuration.

Technical characteristics

Video Wall Playback System

NEWTOP 3D playback system is designed not only supporting various 3D format like multi-tile, multi-stream or 2D+D, it is also a splicer for LCD video wall, it can be easily configured to match to the layout of the video wall.

Configurable Video Wall Layout

Benefit from the well-developed playback system. You can configure any combination through the system according to your project meeds.

Raster Correction Technology


Edge Fusion Technology

Business Scenarios


Display Specification

Basic Display:LCD display
Display Type:Landscape
Unit Screen Size:55 Inches
Unit Screen Resolution:FHD (1920x1080)
Brightness:400 cd/m2 (Typical)
Unit Display Area:1209.8(H)*680.4(V)mm
Unit Product Size:1238(H)*714(V)*80.2(D)mm
Unit Display Weight:18 Kgs (Typical)
Viewing Angle:2D mode: 170° / 3D mode: 120°
Power:100~240V AC, 50~60Hz
Consumption:210W (Unit screen)
Bezel Colour;Black
Bezel Width:1.8mm - 3.9mm

3D and Player Specification

3D Filter Type:Lenticular
Viewing Distance:5.0m~8.0m
View Number:9 views
3D Player:Reality player
Input Content:Multi-stream, Multi-tile, 2D+Z, etc.
Configurable Items:3D Volume,Zeroplane