• What are the prerequisites to achieve glasses-free 3D?

The same as watch 2D video need a screen, playback and 2D content. When we watch a glasses-free 3D video, we also need a glasses-free 3D display. And a glassed-free 3D playback to cast the glasses-free 3D content on the display.For the reason that we need hardware, playback software and content to achieve glasses-free 3D.

• What is the definition of the glasses-free 3D display?

Glasses-free 3D display, which we can see the 3D image from the display without wearing any glasses. Different from the general 2D display, glasses-free 3D images will have the actual depth feeling, it’s like we stand in a 3D space, the whole glasses-free 3D display is a 3D box, our eyes can feel the object or words in the film ran out or ran into the box.

• Why the glasses-free 3D is better than glasses 3D?

Glasses-free 3D display, the display people can watch 3D image without wear glasses or any other auxiliary equipment. Which different from the average person to the cinema to see 3D movies must wearing glasses, beside the weight of 3D glasses and uncomfortable wear feeling, for those who already wear glasses need an extra pair ofglasses. All the unsuitable greatly reducing the fun of watching 3D movies. Even more the application in general advertising machine, The image is overlapping fuzzy for the wearing glasses 3D advertising machine in the absence of glasses. If we let someone send each people a glasses in front of each advertising machine, it’s not only greatly increase the cost, but also reduce the willingness to see advertising. However, for the glasses-free 3D display without the problem of wearing glasses, people can watch 3D effect everywhere ,it’s can increase the viewer’s freshness and the time eyes stay.

• What are the benefits that customer with get from glasses-free 3D?

Compare to wear special 3D glasses. It is a more natural way to view 3D image and object without ware any 3D glasses. Above all, 3D is just more attractive to the viewer than 2D. There are a handful of people who saw glasses-free 3D before, and a few of them saw good glasses-free 3D. With our glasses-free 3D display, Not only can make people feel amazing, novel, but also can create a topic. So the glasses-free 3D can greatly increase the advertising revenue for the advertisers, and greatly increased exposure opportunities for the activities organizers.

• How to define view number of glass-free 3D display?

The view number is the number of different views of the object that audience can see in the 3D display. For example, when we watch a movie, there are actually two different views been giving to your left and right eyes at the same time. Then we call it 2 views display. And our glasses-free 3D display can actually provider up to 9 views at the same time, so we call it 9 views display.

• What are the differences between 4-view and 9-view? Which one is better? Why?

It is not the issue about which one is better or not. It is the difference of usage of 3D displays without glasses. When we design a glass-free 3D display, there are several requests to consider about number of views, including comfort level, viewing angle, screen resolutionBasically the 9-view display is showing 5 more views than the 4-view display. The more views, the more consecutive image and video, the better viewing angle we can get. However, the trade-off of more view is the loss of resolution. So the more views a 3D display has, the lower is the resolution for the viewer he will perceive. Given the reality of display resolution, we need to balance the view number and resolution to have the best visual experience.

The most realistic 3D display would be one with unlimited pixels and unlimited amount of views.

Newtop 3D is always designing the optimal amount of views with the given number of pixels to make the best 3D displays for the market.

• Does glass-free 3D display requests customized content? If so, what will be the requests of the content?

Normal content is just one view content, which cannot provide any 3D effects.

For glass-free 3D displays the content needs to be prepared for the displays. Basically you need to generate the amount of views the 3D display is designed for. So if it is a 4-view display you need to make 4 different views and if it is a 9-view display you will need 9 views. There are different ways to generate 3D contents.

Newtop 3D offers 2D 3D conversion services and 3D content creation services to provide best content that match to any glass-free 3D displays.

• How to playback 3D content on glass-free 3D display?

Same as content creation, special content player is required. There are several types of 3D players including “Tile format”, “2D + Depth” and “Multi-stream” format. Content should be prepared with considering how to play. So content creation and playback system is fully related.

Newtop 3D provides its playback software with Independent intellectual property rights, which called Reality Player can support any size of display. Basically it will work with any available 3D content format. Moreover, our software support depth-of-field configuration to adjust 3D effects.

• How to define a good quality glass-free 3D display?

In terms of visual experience, comfortable for people to watch 3D content will be the benchmark to define a good quality glass-free 3D display.

If we are talking about it from technology perspective, a good quality glass-free 3D display is built with high accuracy to make the perfect matching lenses. This will reduce the cross-talk,

Generally, the human eye can be ignored 20% of the other visual images, so the glasses-free 3D display cross talk under 20% is acceptable. So we generally to Cross Talk degree to judge the naked eye 3D monitor is good or bad.

Further the brightness and the colors are another factor of a good quality 3D display. Last but not least it is the seamless playback of good quality contents on the display that will make your glasses-free 3D finally look good.

• Why sometimes peoplefeel dizzy when watch glasses-free 3D content ?

Glasses-free 3D divided the 3D content into left eye’s image and right eye’s image through the lenticular lens. Sometimes, when the viewer is in the wrong position, there will be the right eye see the left eye content, and the left eye  see the right eye content. Then the viewer will feel dizzy. At this time ,you just need move a little step to left or right to adjust your position ,you can see the perfect glasses-free  3D screen.

In addition, we need keep a certain distance to the display when we watch the glasses-free 3D.

• How to watch a prefect glasses-free 3D?

Different glasses-free 3D display will have different best viewing distance and viewing angle, so watch the perfect glasses-free 3D content, need to stand in the right angle, and keep a certain distance to the display.

• Does any format 3D content can achieve glasses-free 3D effect on your screen?

For the 3D film in cinema and other 3D content with glasses, it need to be transformed to glassed-free 3D content to achieve glasses-free 3D effect.

• What is 3D volume adjustment? And what’s the effect of it?

3D volume adjustment is one of the features from Reality Player. It helps unprofessional content create to achieve better 3D effect with existing 2D+Z/D content via software configuration.Depending on your 3D-display (or your personal preference), the perceived depth of a given media-file may be appearing as “too flat” or “too deep”. In this case you can change the perceived depth of a selected media-file in the play list with the 3D-Volume slider, in order to have better 3D stereo effects.

• What is zero shift adjustment? And what’s the effect of it ?

Zero shift adjustment is another feature from Reality Player; It also helps the content creator to have better 3D effect with exist content via configuration.

However, different from 3D volume adjustment, zero shift adjustment is adjusting the relative position between the content and physical display to achieve better 3D effect.

• Does your playback support the 2D content?

Our playback can support 2D content.

• How many kinds of your players? What are the features?

NEWTOP 3D provides four different 3D player for different using purpose:

(1) Reality Player 2 Standard: Standard player has a powerful function, you can set variety of options about play, such as: 3D volume adjustment, zero plane setting, and display type setting and so on.

(2) Reality Player 2 Devel: This is a demo player, it has all the features of the standard player, the only difference is that it’s have a more function can conversion side by side 3D content to glasses-free 3D content.

(3) Reality Player Master: This is dedicated to the video wall splicer.

(4) In addition, we have players based on Android system.

• What 3D content formats do your player support?

Our player (Reality Player 2) supports 3D content in the following formats: Multistream,Side-by-side ; 2D+depth,Top-bottom Stereo,Top-bottom 2D+depth,2 channel depth,4-tile, 5-tile,8-tile,8-tile wide,8-tile high,9-tile,Sisvel。

Our Android Player (Reality Player for Android) supports 3D content in the following formats: SBS,TB,SBS 2DD,TB 2DD,4-View,5-View,8-View,8-View Wide,9 View.

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